Employ a Rubbish Removal Company Rather Than Hiring a Skip


Every year a single household can produce tonnes of waste and recyclable material that needs to be thrown away or removed. In many cases, homes are producing the kind of waste that cannot be easily collected by the fortnightly bin collection teams or the recycling collection services. Items such as builders’ rubble, stones, bricks, cement slabs, old fridges, and heavy bits of wood and window frames.

Hiring a skip is the first thing that would often spring to mind, but there is a viable alternative: employ a rubbish removal company to do the job for you. Skip hire involves a company simply dropping off the selected size bin, bag or skip and then returning a week later (or at an agreed date) to pick it up. It will do no more than that.

All the rubbish and lifting work must be done by the customer and if the skip is left on a public road, there will often be a permit licence needed from the local council. Of course, not everyone has a driveway in their homes and the skip may have to be left outside on the street. A permit costs extra and there is a good chance unwanted rubbish will be left in the skip that doesn’t belong to you. This will take up vital cubic metres within the skip that you have paid good money for.

A rubbish removal company will allow you to sit back and relax while the team does all the work. Moreover, everything will be disposed of properly. The items suitable for recycling, will be recycled. The rubbish ready for landfill, will end up just there.

Time is Money

While a professional rubbish removal team are clearing your house rubble, garden waste or trimmed trees and bushes, you are free to get on with your daily chores. The rubbish removal squad are trained team members, instructed not to leave any bits and pieces behind, damage patios or lawns and shift rubbish in a very quick time indeed.

There will be no need for a skip to be sat outside your home or on the street for days on end. The team will be quick, efficient and professional. Just remember that hiring a skip involves the householder breaking any large items, making sure everything fits into the limited skip space and worrying about whether or not all the rubbish will fit into the cheap midi skip that has been hired. A professional rubbish removal company handles all these problems, so you don’t have to. We can offer you this service, click here to find out more.

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