Patio and Decking Cleaning in London


Spring time is upon us, and the garden is looking tired and battered. It should come as no surprise either. The harsh winter, heavy rains, slippery wet patios and decking areas will have taken their toll on these garden areas, and then some.

A wooden decking area can easily grow mildew. Mouldy tufts of grass appear on patios, having fallen off the guttering and left unchecked, it can create a number of problems. The mildew on wooden decking can cause rot. Once the wood has rotted, it can be an expensive job to replace the individual panels.

Then you have the problem of debris and dirt falling in between the decking boards. Sometimes even a jet wash simply shifts the debris a little further on from its original position, stuck deep down in the board’s tiny grooves.

Patios are another difficult beast to clean. No matter how well the patio was built, a muddy build up where one stone has subsided a little accumulates and grass sees it as an opportunity to grow there.

A quality and proper clean is the only solution for decking and patios. Moreover, the right tools are needed for the job: jet washers, detergents and wood preservers must be used to get the right clean. Putty knives to get right into the heart of the grime and dirt are needed to make sure the clean is a pristine one.

The benefits of using a service where a professional cleaner are becoming clearer as the task ahead unfolds. This can be tough work. There is plenty of so-called elbow grease required, not to mention the time and dedication needed.

There are subtle ways to check whether the rot is setting into a wood decking area: a gentle push of a screwdriver can usually determine this. However, if a patio or decking area is regularly cleaned, the life span of the leisure zone in the garden will increase, or even double.

It can be a challenging task to clean decking and patios. Therefore, hiring a professional patio and decking cleaner can be a good idea – especially as time may be limited. Patio and decking cleaning services in London should be considered a good idea because of the higher levels of pollutants in the air of any big city.

While you are having a patio or decking professionally cleaned, it may be worth considering a thorough clean of recycling and rubbish bins too.

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