The Advantages of Gutter Cleaning


If you leave your gutter blocked and downpipes clogged for too long, it can cause serious damage to a home or company premises. In many cases, the damage can be irreversible. London and the surrounding areas are among the most prestigious and highest priced property values in Europe. If the property maintenance is compromised by a blocked gutter, it can devalue the home by several thousands of pounds.

The problem with guttering is that we do not ever manage to see the actual state of the system, because it is well out of eyesight. However, out of sight is out of mind, is a dangerous precedent to adopt here. Just because you cannot see the damage, it does not mean it’s not happening.

Blocked and faulty gutters should not just be given a once over clean. These are places where you should clean regularly. At Prestige Bin Cleaning, a professional gutter cleaning service is provided in addition to the usual services of unblocking downpipes, thorough cleaning of wheelie bins and fixing minor repairs.

All staff are fully trained and accredited with health and safety certifications. So, you can be sure of a thorough and diligent cleaning process to any guttering or downpipe issues. The guttering system in any home is a vulnerable one. Rainwater cascades down off the roof and is collected into the gutter which then feeds the flow of excess water into the drainpipe. That is how it should all work and the process prevents the rainwater from damaging the brickwork and façade of homes and buildings.

But there is an all-too-familiar process where leaves, moss and small twigs can easily find a way to settle in the guttering. This blocks the free flow of the rainwater and this is where the damage all starts.

Water damage can lead to the cracking of the very foundations of a home. It can certainly cause pain and misery to the exterior brickwork by forming a cold seal of moss, or worse, an insect infestation. Cracks will occur down the walls and if you ever came to sell a home or property in London or the surrounding areas, a snagging report will instantly flag this up and will devalue the property’s value.

Prestige Bin Cleaning Services in London also cover the guttering and cleaning of commercial properties as well as residential homes. The service also covers some parts of Essex, Kent, Herts and Surrey, as well as all of Middlesex.

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