Why you should clean your bins to keep out Rats and Foxes


One might think that a twice-monthly collection of rubbish or recycling materials is enough to keep the bin clean, but in truth, it is nowhere near sufficient. Let us look closely at the recycling bin that takes all the tins, plastic, metal bottle tops and empty yoghurt cartons: this is the one highly vulnerable to attract rats, slugs and even urban foxes – even after it has been emptied.

Most of our food produce comes in plastic trays. The uncooked meats, yoghurt pots, cans of fizzy drink and various other containers that will have held foodstuffs. These emissions and coatings on plastic trays remain in the bin a long time after it has been emptied.

Try this exercise, next time your plastic recycling bin has been emptied: place your finger on the inside wall of your bin and notice how it is sticky. It may be that you cannot see any filth or dirt there, but you can be rest assured, it’s there.

This thin film of sticky residue is the food that has been thrown off the plastic trays as they are placed within the bin. One might think that giving that yoghurt pot a good rinse out may release it of all its sugars, but you would not come even close to erasing the scent of sweetness given off to lurking animals in your garden.

Even after the recycling materials have been emptied, the smell that lingers in the bin is like a magnet to the powerful scent inherent in animals like rats, slugs and foxes. It is true that foxes have a less dynamic smell than a domestic dog, but its keen eye for a quick meal makes it a sure-fire perpetrator to attack that smelly bin.

Once a fox has buried its nose and mouth into that bin, it will form a memory of where it grabbed that meal – and it will return. It might even come back with its friends. Foxes are known to hunt around in three or four groups in some areas.

Often, a quick wipe down with a dish cloth will not be enough to decontaminate a bin from its residues that attract the rats and foxes. Only a thorough professional cleaning of your bin will suffice. A proper cleansing results in agents used that will nullify all those odours known to attract the unwanted pests to go rummaging in your bins.

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