Why You Should Have Your Wheelie Bins Cleaned Before Summer


During the long, cold winter, keeping our wheelie bins clean and germ-free seems to go under the radar. The rancid smells that emit from a summertime wheelie bin after attracting unwanted foods, plant cuttings, grass shavings and dead flowers make us try and hose out the bad odours when tipped up on a freshly-cut back yard lawn.

In winter, it’s a different story. The colder temperatures don’t allow bacteria to thrive and the smells from the wheelie bins tend to be forgotten about. However, that does not mean to say these foul odours won’t return at the first sign of a warm spring day.

Bacteria can lay dormant and thrive in time for the right conditions: that is summertime. Most councils will only collect the green recycling bin once every two weeks. The black bin – which houses all the landfill waste and non-recyclable stuff – is also collected every alternate two weeks.

Both these wheelie bins will need to be thoroughly cleaned before the arrival of summer. Moreover, the recycle bins, that are containers for bottles and glass, plastics and card/paper will also need a thorough clean too.

Many of the plastics we chuck were once container trays for uncooked meats and empty milk cartons. These are breeding grounds for E.coli and salmonella, among other risky health bacterium.

Wheelie Bins are Emptied Haphazardly

Most recycling teams are tasked with emptying the wheelie bins of an entire estate in just one morning. Many wheelie bins are collected, emptied and placed back at the end of a property in a matter of seconds. Few are thoroughly checked to see if all the contents actually are cleared.

More often than not, sticky leaves, leaked food or waste stays within the bin to survive here another two weeks. It is not uncommon to see maggots or slugs attracted towards the bin rim where these pests can smell something it wants within the wheelie bins.

Having a wheelie bin professionally and thoroughly cleaned will clear away all the sticky residue that attracts the flies and other insects.

Hot water and powerful cleansing agents are used to make a wheelie bin appear as though it is brand new. It is difficult, if not impossible to see bacterium forming within the warm enclosure of a wheelie bin, so a professional clean before the summer arrives is a dynamic solution to keeping waste and recycling bins in a healthy and clean state.




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