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Commercial Roof Cleaning Using Specialist Washing Systems

Commercial Roof Cleaning Specialists

Prestige External Cleaning offers expert commercial roof cleaning services across London, Surrey, Berkshire & the surrounding boroughs.

Our expert roof cleaning services may assist make your company building, located in any borough in and around London, Surrey, Berkshire look better while also removing moss and possibly extending the life of your roof.

Expert commercial roof cleaning services can remove moss from your roof, improve its appearance, and perhaps prolong its lifespan.

Using our years of experience and a comprehensive inspection of your company's roof, we can tell you which cleaning method is ideal for your roof and why. We also look at the kind of tiles or materials that are used in each roof cleaning service to give you the best commercial cleaning options.

commercial roof cleaning and moss removal

Before Roof Clean

Commercial Roof Cleaning - Before

During Roof Clean

Commercial Roof Cleaning - During

After Roof Clean

Commercial Roof Cleaning - After
Commercial Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Options

Pressure Washing & Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Scrape Moss + Biocide anti fungal Treatment

This process consists of our roof cleaners scrape the moss and then applying a Biocide anti-fungal Treatment which will gradually break down the moss over time.

(This wash will only clear moss & prevent moss from growing back - this will not give you a new-looking roof)

Scrape Moss + Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) + Biocide Anti Fungal Treatment

During this process our team of roof cleaners will scrape the moss and then apply Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), this substance can eliminate dirt, algae, mould & lichen without leaving any residual activity on the roof's surface then we will wash the roof removing the chemical wash, and then use a Biocide anti-fungal Treatment which will stop moss from growing back over time.

Specialist Surface Cleaner Hot Wash

This type of roof clean, is one we always recommend, our team of commercial roof cleaners will hot wash your roof with industry-leading surface cleaning technology which will provide instant results leaving your roof moss-free and dramatically changing its appearance and topped off with Biocide anti-fungal Treatment, giving your roof a long-lasting look. (This doesn't harm or damage your roof in anyway)

Our Commercial Roof Cleaning Work

Scraping Process

Moss roof pictures - Prestige Bin Cleaning

Biocide treatment Process

Prestige Bin Cleaning Roof Cleaning Service

Washing Process

Soft washing roofs in London

Steam Cleaning Process

Commercial Roof Cleaning by Prestige External Cleaning
Commercial Roof Cleaning services
commercial roof cleaning and moss removal

Commercial Roof Cleaners

Every time we take on a commercial roof cleaning job, we examine the tile material as well as the roof. We then select the cleaning method that will work best for your roof based on our years of experience and explain why.

Despite popular opinion, pressure washing is a perfectly acceptable cleaning method for some types of roofs, namely those with clay tiles that are kept in good condition.

We possess the equipment and knowledge to help us safely access your roof, regardless of whether we need to use ladders, scaffolding, or rental access. Our team is fully qualified by PASMA & IPAF, so we are fully adept and aware ready for any situation.

Commercial moss removal
Commercial Roof Cleaning for farm barn

Get Your Commercial Roof Cleaned

Due to the UK's consistently rainy weather, moss and algae can thrive well on roofs. This is not only unsightly, but it may also clog downspouts and gutters.

It is also possible that the additional wet weight of the moss may put stress on the roof structure and even damage the tiles during the freeze-thaw cycle during the winter. All of these factors will accelerate the deterioration of your property and reduce its aesthetic appeal, which will result in high repair costs for you. A roof can easily be prevented from growing algae and moss by taking certain measures. Regular maintenance is vital to prevent these organisms from growing.

When performing our services, safety is always our first priority. Because of our flexibility, we can arrange cleaning around your company to guarantee that there is as little interruption as possible for your clients and staff.

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