Domestic Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Keeping Your Domestic Wheelie Bins Clean, Safe & Smell Free

Prestige Bin Cleaning offer an exclusive domestic wheelie bin cleaning service in London and surrounding areas.

We are more than your average wheelie bin cleaning company, offering a low-cost solution to the problem of dirty, unhygienic wheelie bins.  As household bins are probably the most unhygienic items in and around your home you will not be surprised to learn that they are the breeding ground for germs and bacteria like Listeria, salmonella, MRSA and the Flu Bug. The scent of rotten household waste acts as a magnet for rats and other vermin scavenging for food, in addition to flies, wasps and maggots which are also commonly found in neglected, dirty wheelie bins.

Our fully trained professional staff at Prestige Bin cleaning will clean your domestic wheelie bin every 4 weeks using specialist wheelie bin cleaning equipment and Environment Agency-approved bio-degradable chemicals.  Our dedicated self-contained vehicles attend your property and carry out the process, where we will wash, deodorise, and sanitise your bins inside and out on the day your bins are emptied, ensuring no mess is left at your property, just clean fresh bins all year round!

After your bins have been cleaned, we place an exclusive Prestige Bin cleaning sticker on the side of your bin with your door number to avoid any confusion with your neighbour’s bins.

Prestige Bin Cleaning Van

Why choose Prestige for your domestic wheelie bin cleaning near me?

  • Professional and reliable wheelie bin cleaning service
  • On-site home visit service on the day your bins are emptied
  • Competitive affordable prices
  • Utilisation of environmental-friendly quality cleaning materials
  • Reduce the build-up of bacteria that leads to foul odours
  • Kill 99% of germs
  • Minimise the risk of infestation from vermin and flies
  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Have a clean, fresh smiling bin.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs of buying a new bin.

Our bin clean service requires a 3-month minimum service.  Our competitive affordable prices and yearly basis offers can be found here.

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