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Prestige External Cleaning is London's trusted business for crystal-clear windows and properties. We expertly clean wheelie bins, cladding, patios, gutters and more for both residential and commercial clients. Safe to say, when you know we work with London Fire Brigade, Amazon, The NHS and many others, you can place that trust in us to make sure you get the job done right. Window cleaning is an effective service to keep your property looking not just clean and tidy, but with Prestige it's a surefire way to get your neighbors asking... "How did you get it looking so good?"


We use two different methods to ensure your windows are looking the best they can. Window cleaning with Prestige External Cleaning is done with traditional methods that are tried and trusted, but thanks to our extensive range of equipment we also can offer purified water methods for your windows (also known as a "Pole Method") to reach places you normally wouldn't be able to!

window cleaning services

Purified Water Window Cleaning

Purified water window washing is a cutting-edge technique that uses the power of pure, deionized water to create unparalleled clarity and cleanliness for your windows. Purified water, in contrast to tap water, is devoid of minerals, pollutants, and toxins that can leave streaks and marks on glass surfaces.

The Purified Water Advantage

Here's why purified water window cleaning stands out, and makes you shine brighter than the rest of London.

  • Streak-Free Shine: Pure water leaves no residue, guaranteeing that your windows dry streak-free and immaculate. This means your view is clearer and your windows are cleaner for longer.
  • Environmentally Friendly: We take pride in taking an environmentally friendly approach. Purified water reduces the need for harsh chemical cleansers, making it a greener option.
  • Reach and Access: The purified water system is great for reaching high or difficult-to-reach windows. Our extending poles and specialised brushes guarantee that every inch of glass receives the same level of care.
  • Gentle on Your Property: This method is gentle on your windows and frames, preserving their longevity and appearance.

Our Purified Water Process

When you choose Prestige External Cleaning as your window cleaning solution, here's what we offer.

  • Pole System: Our expert specialists use a pole system that allows them to operate securely from the ground, eliminating the need for ladders and preserving the integrity of your property.
  • Thorough Cleaning: We agitate dirt and grime from your windows with specially adapted brushes, while pure water rinses it away, leaving a pristine finish.
  • Spotless Results: The lack of minerals in filtered water ensures that your windows dry naturally, without streaks or stains.