Render Cleaning

Render Cleaning Using Specialist Soft Washing or steam cleaning Systems

render cleaning services

Render Cleaning Services

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During the past ten or so years, renders have gained popularity among builders and developers. While they are not as strong and water resistant as the more traditional renders made of sand and cement, these more recent coloured renders are textured, breathable, and when combined with the British climate, they create the perfect environment for moss and algae to grow. The earliest treatment for these organic growths is recommended because they typically show up as green, black, or yellow stains.

Render Cleaning with Softwash Method

Softwashing, which involves adding biocides to the surface to destroy biological materials, is another method of cleaning renders. You can use a bleach-based biocide for faster results or a fungicidal wash for this.

Allow us to assist you in transforming your building so that residents enjoy a much better living space. We are able to use a range of rope access techniques, telescopic cleaning equipment, and access platforms, so you won't have to worry about difficult access challenges.

Render Cleaning using softwash method
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Render Cleaning with Steam Cleaning

Unfortunately, some exquisite buildings may be disregarded, causing the building's façade to deteriorate with time.

Mould growth on brickwork and pointing is a common indicator of this kind of deterioration. The staining of render caused by the growth of algae, together with organic growth and black spots in the stone.

The bricks, stone, and render of buildings situated on a busy street may become stained by carbon, also known as atmospheric pollution staining.

Even though some stains are more difficult to remove, they are still doable with the right tools and expertise.

Using steam cleaning techniques, which have a high-temperature, low-pressure methodology, helps remove organic stains without causing substrate damage.

What’s the best Render Cleaning Method?

Just using steam cleaning may result in a patterned render. Heavy moss or stains will be difficult to remove with softwashing alone. However, the best results for render cleaning are achieved when the two techniques such as softwashing and steam cleaning are combined.

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