Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Before & After Pressure Washing Gallery


Pressure washing BBQ & Bistro Areas of domestic gardens.

Before prestige Bin Cleaning Jet washed London garden BBQ area
Prestige Bin Cleaning jet washing BBQ areas around london


Pressure washing sand slabs - reviving your domestic gardens.

Back garden slabs pressure washed in London
Back garden sand slabs pressure washed by Prestige Bin Cleaning


Decking Pressure Washing

Decking Before Wash
Decking Wash After


Driveways get clogged up with moss, mould and dirt - We eliminate the mess with eco-friendly products.

London driveway before jet wash
Driveway Jet washed by Prestige Bin Cleaning in London


Driveways get clogged up with moss, mould and dirt - We eliminate the mess with eco-friendly products.

sand sealant service with Prestige Bin Cleaning
Driveway sand service by Prestige Bin Cleaning

Driveway Oil Removal SERVICE

Driveways get oil leaked on them all the time - We clear the oil with eco-friendly products.

Driveway oil removal before
Driveway oil removal after


Driveways get clogged up with moss, mould and dirt - We eliminate the mess with eco-friendly products.

Sealant for driveways by Prestige Bin Cleaning
Prestige Bin Cleaning driveway sealant service

Driveway cement removal

Cement effecting your driveways appeal?
We will make your driveway brand new with our efficient techniques.

Driveway Cleaning - cement cleaning services
Driveway cleaning - cement removal


Cleaning your garden pathways to stop slipping hazards.

Domestic Garden Path needing jet Wash
Garden pathway jet washed in London by Prestige


Ensuring public footpaths are slip-free and clean.

Dirty Path needs pressure washing by Prestige Bin Cleaning
Cleaning footpaths for council with Prestige Bin Cleaning


Pressure washing rear gardens with all finishes.

rear garden needing jet wash by Prestige Bin Cleaning
rear patio modern slabs pressure washed


Cleaning up all your commercial areas

Unkept space on commercial property needing prestige bin cleaning
Prestige bin cleaning providing commercial cleaning services in London
commercial pressure washing by Prestige Bin Cleaning
After prestige has given this commercial unit a pressure wash
hazardous stairs needing prestige commercial cleaning service
Gleaming commercial property thanks to Prestige
Driveway jet wash clean by Prestige Bin Cleaning
Driveway cleaned by Prestige Bin Cleaning
Front driveways cleaned by Prestige Bin Cleaning
Jet wash front drive by Prestige Bin Cleaning
Before jet wash - Prestige Bin Cleaning-min
After jet wash - Prestige Bin Cleaning
Driveway before professional jetwash from Prestige
Driveway after professional jetwash from Prestige

Clean & Safe Hard Surfaces, Remove Moss, Mould & Dirt.

Prestige offers a professional driveway and patio cleaning service in London and the surrounding areas. We provide pressure washing services on both residential and commercial properties.

Whether you are looking to deep clean the driveway, decking, patio, pathway or walls, you can be sure that Prestige have the experience and expertise required to achieve a quality finish every time.

If you live in Surrey or the areas surrounding, you can count on us to get your mucky jobs done!

Why Choose Our Drive and Patio Cleaning Services

We deep clean using our high-pressure washing system which can tackle the heaviest dirt, and makes any patio or driveway look like brand new.

Drive and patio cleaning is beneficial not only aesthetically, but also increases the value of your property and keeps your home safe.

Friends and neighbours appreciate the upkeep and look of your property to positively reflect the area.

Helps avoid accidents – a build-up of dirt, oil, mould, and mildew cause drives and patios to become slippery. Our pressure wash service will restore the surface to its original texture and friction to avoid any falls.

Extends the lifespan of your drive or patio – oil, mould, moss and dirt will erode your concrete over time and cause it to crack.  Regular cleaning will make it more sustainable.

Save yourself some elbow grease by cleaning your drive or patio yourself.  You can scrub away to try and make them look better but most likely results are not as achievable and it is backbreaking!

Keeps weeds at bay – a regular power wash will get rid of annoying weeds as well as the dirt they need to grow in.

Say goodbye to oil stains – Our drive and patio cleaning involves the use of industrial pressure washers that break up oil stains and gets rid of them once and for all!

Environmentally friendly – Results of some drive and patio cleaning may need to involve the use of potent chemicals.  Our methods achieve amazing results using only bio-friendly cleaners.

We also clean roofs and walls!

Gutters blocked in domestic home Ashtead
Gutter Cleaned in Ashtead by Prestige Bin Cleaning

Roofs and walls are just as important to keep on top of as well as our driveways and patios. Brick cleaning can prevent components from leading to deterioration and other likely damage that always require costly adjustments and replacements.

The same goes for roofs too! Any grime build-up can cause algae to grow on your roof surfaces which leads to a more costly cleaning job in the future.

No matter the size, Prestige Bin Cleaning will do the job! If you are interested in booking a roof or wall clean, press the button below to enquire!

Make Your Paving Safe - Remove Dirt & Grime