Keeping Your Bin Store
Clean, Safe & Smell Free

Bin Store Cleaning

Prestige Bin Cleaning provide a valuable cleaning solution for bin store areas which are frequently neglected. Bin stores can get just as filthy and dirty as the bins themselves and can certainly make a bin store an extremely unpleasant place.

With our bin store cleaning service, your bin stores will be swept, all rubbish removed and we then employ a high-pressure water system and biodegradable cleaning solutions to clean the bin store. The bin stores are left clean, disinfected and deodorised leaving a fresh pleasant smell and leaving the room a place where you would not mind popping into to dispose of your rubbish.

Some of advantages to having your bin store cleaned:

  • Reduced pest infestation
  • Offensive odours removed
  • Increased hygiene standards

To gain the highest standard of hygiene we recommend regular cleaning of the bins as well as the bin store, this ensures this area remains clean and fresh all year round. We offer this service to residential, office and commercial developments.

Bin Store Cleaning
bin store
Bin Store Cleaning
Bin Store Cleaning