Roof Cleaning in London

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Residential & Commercial Roof Cleaning in London

Professional roof cleaning services are offered by Prestige Bin Cleaning throughout London and the local boroughs, including Wembley, Harrow, Barnet, Leatherhead, etc. Whether it's a London homes or commercial property, our expert roof cleaning solutions can help your roof appear better, remove moss and perhaps extend its lifespan.

While you get your roof cleaned why not have your gutters cleaned too?

Roof Cleaning Services in London before
Roof Cleaning Services in London

London Roof Cleaning Methods

Every time they begin a project, our roof cleaning specialists examine the roof and the tile materials. Then, armed with our years of experience and expertise, we will decide which cleaning technique would be most effective for your roof.

Prestige Bin Cleaning suggests getting your roof cleaned once a year, depending on the state of your roof. A yearly roof cleaning may extend the longevity of your roof. By keeping dirt, debris, and other potentially harmful things off of your roof, you can prolong its lifespan.

Whether we need to use rope access or rented access, we have a variety of tools and expertise to enable us to safely reach your roof. We know how to solve it.

London Roof Cleaning - Prestige Cleaning in Action

London Roof Cleaning before
London Roof Cleaning after

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

•  Spraying a biocidal wash - controlled

•  Removing stains, moulds, moss, and algae

•  Improving the longevity of your roof

•  Spores and roots removed

•  Always restoring the aesthetic look of your roof

Soft Wash roof cleaning in London

Roofs are cleaned using low-pressure chemical applications through soft wash roof cleaning. Roofs can be pressure washed instead of using this method.

One method of cleaning a roof is to apply a regulated application of a biocidal wash, such as Bio Wash or softwash solutions. Using these antimicrobial treatments, you will be able to destroy all types of biofilms, including lichens, moss algae, and bacterial colonies.

Spraying biocides on roofs is a relatively low-risk method of roof cleaning when compared to other more aggressive methods. However, it does not remove heavy soiling or moss from roofs, so it is typically done after another method of roof cleaning to ensure that any remaining spores and roots that may have penetrated the porous surface are killed.

before our roof cleaning in London
After our roof cleaning in london

Why you need Roof Cleaning

A roof is increasingly vulnerable to weather-related damage and normal wear and tear as it gets older.

Every time we conduct roof cleaning services, we at Prestige Bin Cleaning keep in mind that no two roofs are same. For instance, prior to removing moss from roofs, we make sure the tools we employ won't damage the material of your roof.

We have worked on a range of various roofs in locations including Wembley, Finchley, and Hampstead, giving each one our undivided attention and care.

Pressure wash Roof Cleaning london

When you want to change the look of your roof quickly and dramatically, pressure washing is the best option. However, not all types of roofs are suitable candidates for pressure washing; consult an expert before doing any irreversible damage.

High pressure water jets can remove years' worth of dirt, moss, algae, and other deposits from tiled roofs; however, this approach requires solid cement structures and is only recommended for specific tiled roof types.

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